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Jerusalem Dove Wall Hanging

Jerusalem Dove Wall Hanging

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The old city of Jerusalem is embedded in this amazing piece shaped like a dove, with painted pomegranates at the bottom. This piece is a beautiful and meaningful work of art for anyone who has traveled or aspires to travel to Jerusalem. Perfect Judaica artwork with the landscape of Jerusalem. Middle is carved out to allow the background to become part of the design. Beads adorn the bottom and top leather straps.
  • Embedded with gems, antique silver plated, and red enamel paint. 
  • Suitable as a gift for a home, office or even a classroom.  
  • A perfect gift for men or women, get them a special gift from Israel. This product is designed and handmade in Israel.
  • This product is designed and manufactured in Israel, shipped from Florida, USA. 
  • Pendant size: 15 x 10 cm / 5.9" x 4" (not including length with string that can be adjusted)
  • Jerusalem Dove & Pomegranate Wall Hanging Pendant embedded with gems antique silver plated and red enamel paint pomegranates.
  • 3 photos feature this dove traveling throughout Israel on my trek to explore the handmade works there! One photo is near Tzfat the other is on a Moshav where these items are handmade. 


Symbolism in this piece

The overall shape of this piece is a Dove and within many religions the dove serves a number of symbolic purposes. From the first use of the Dove in story of Noah after the flood to many Christian and Pagan symbols this shape is a universal symbol of peace and love.

  • The piece also features the outline of the skyline or symbolic images of the city of Jerusalem with the words Jerusalem engraved beside it. 
  • Additionally the bottom charms feature pomegranates, a favorite charm of mine. The first pomegranate is full while the other two are hollow. The pomegranate is a symbol of plenty and fertility. The fruit is bursting with color, flavor, and many seeds leading to the uniqueness and desirability of the fruit. 
  • This piece is a beautiful and meaningful work of art for anyone who has traveled or aspires to travel to Jerusalem. 

*Each item is handmade so slight variations may occur between pieces.

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