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Ein Ode Milvado by Avraham Loewenthal

Ein Ode Milvado by Avraham Loewenthal

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Ein Ode Milvado - In Hebrew Literally means "There is Nothing But G-d!" from the Tzfat Gallery of Mystical Art by Avraham Loewenthal. 

This item is a print on canvas and framed with unfinished pine wood that very slowly darkens over time. Signed by the artist on the back. 

Size with frame is: 25 x 25 cm / Approximately 10" x 10" 

As explained by Avraham this piece partially means (a full explanation comes with the purchased piece):  

"This verse from the Torah (Devarim 4:35) is a very powerful meditation to remind ourselves of G-D’s presence in every situation.

The deep meaning of this verse is discussed extensively in the Kabbalah. One of the inner meanings expressed by this verse, is the realization that nothing in life is a coincidence, and that everything is happening for a reason.

It is explained in the Kabbalah that G-D created the world in order to give infinite goodness to all of the creation. This goodness is temporarily concealed from us, while we are all undergoing spiritual transformations. It is explained in the Kabbalah, that everything we are going through in our daily lives, is actually on the deepest level, spiritual transformations preparing us for this supernal goodness."

About the artist:

Prayer, Jewish Mysticism, and contemporary art are combined in the unique work of Tzfat artist Avraham Loewenthal.

Avraham lives with his wife and children in the Old City Artist Quarter of Tzfat, where he studies the spiritual learning of the Kabbalah and paints.

Avraham was born in the United States in Michigan. He studied psychology at the University of Michigan and later studied painting at the School of The Art Institute of Chicago. Avraham then made Aliya and came to live in Israel.

Avraham’s extremely inspirational artwork expresses universal spiritual concepts of the Kabbalah.

The Tzfat Gallery of Mystical Art is Avraham’s gallery and work studio. It is located in the center of the Old City Artist Quarter of Tzfat.

Avraham meets with travelers and groups visiting Tzfat to discuss his paintings and the concepts of the Kabbalah which inspire his work. Avraham’s paintings are enjoyed throughout the world.

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