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About me

My name is Ayelet and I was born on a little "Moshav" in Israel where most of my products come from! 

I started this brand to get some of my favorite works of art and blessings from the Holy Land, where I was born, and bring them to the USA to share with you. I am based in South Florida and all the items ship from there. 

I came up with the idea to start this company when I gave birth to my daughter, Yarden, and got to decorate her room with beautiful blessings and items from Israel. 

Ayelet Pregnant with Yarden 

Let me know if I can help you in any way and if there is more that you want to see. 

Yarden at One 

I am able to do some pieces with custom engraving or adding logos so please contact for me information about that! 

I came up with the name Pomegranate Blessings as a combination of different biblical and personal meaning. First I love the Pomegranate shape with the crown at the top! It's a beautiful fruit full of sweet and tart juicy seeds and has lots of significance in the Torah. All the seeds represent all the Blessings I hope these works will inspire in your life. Each time I look at the Blessings hanging over my daughter's crib I am reminded by how grateful I am for all that I have received in my life! That's how I came up with the name and I love every-time I see more and more art featuring Pomegranate imagery. 

You can contact me via email: hello (at) pomegranateblessings (dot) com

Thank you for stopping by!