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Why Honey?! - Meaning behind the Honey Pot for Rosh Hashana

Jewish New Year Pomegranate Rosh Hashana

On Rosh Hashana every year, Jews around the world each many of the same foods at their festive meal. Part of the meal involves Apples and Honey. This pot is a perfect symbol of the Honey we use both for Challah and for dipping Apples on the Holiday.

You can see our Honey Pot here:


Traditionally, from Rosh Hashana until after Sukkot, honey is served with every major meal. It is smeared on the Challah bread and used with the sliced apples, additionally many of the desserts have Honey in them.

This ancient custom is to symbolize the "sweet new year" and symbolism for the whole year by eating and indulging in Honey on these holiday nights.

Sweet means in part, dear, precious, enjoyable,satisfying, serene, secure, and something most pleasing. It is our hope and prayer for the new year and therefore Honey serves as our representative in expressing these fervent hopes and prayers.

Additionally, Honey is part of the description for the Land of Israel as a Land flowing with "milk and honey" reminding the Jew wherever they are of their attachment and connection to their ancient homeland of Israel and of the Jewish attachment to its history and holy soil.

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